About Us

Berton Seeds began importing cages, foods and accessories from Italy in the mid ‘80s in order to provide bird breeders with items that, at the time, were not readily available. Our objective was to offer high quality products and competitive prices.

We currently have a large assortment of cages, breeding and ornamental, for canaries, budgies, and finches, and carry several ornamental cages for cockatiels and parrots as well as accessories such as water siphons, seed cups, nests, nesting material and much more.

We carry the Ravasi nesting foods, Bisko and Mito, from Italy and the Abba vitamin seed blends from the USA. We also have regular seed mixes and a large variety of individual seeds such as red and white millet, niger, flax and many others that come from Canada.

Today we continue to emphasize quality in our products. Our cages are solid and well built. Our accessories are made from high grade plastics and our foods and seeds are manufactured by companies that are known in Europe and North America for the quality of their products and because we import directly from the manufacturers, our prices are very competitive.

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